Ivo and the Loreley
Narrow channels, shallows, echos, myths, tempestuous nature, steep mysterious rocks. Hardly has another mountain, hardley has another female figure inspired so many artists, painters and poets as the Loreley.
Long before the „Romantic Rhine“ movement the celts had their age old water-nymph legends. Was the Loreley a witch, a sorceress, a fairy, a water-nymph?
Brentano wrote of a love, unrequited, that she sprang to her death. Heine wrote that, with her beauty, she lured sailors to their death. The Loreley has never lost her allure and mystriousness.
In 1969, 800 artist, world wide, responded to a call from the Loreley. Ideas for the design of the, steeped in legend rock, were asked for and the work of the Russian Princess Jusopov was installed on the 6th august 1983. A 3,30 meter high bronze statue found its place on the point of the harbour mole.
For Ivo, that is not enough.

Heinz Heil, mayor of St. Goarshausen