My thoughts and deeds about the „Loreley Bridge“

I live directly at the rock of Loreley.
When I heard some years ago that it is planed to build a bridge here, many thoughts and questions struck to me as an artist. Such an unique and world-famous place like the Loreley requires an „impressive and unmistakeable bridge“, which must be associated with the Loreley if anyone see the bridge on postcards, photos or pictures. Everybody shall know immediately that ther is only once, namely at the Loreley (like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Liberty in New York or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco).

What for a bridge could be this?
The largest of the world? Not enough space!
The most expansive one? Not enough money!
A simple Rhine-River crossing? A shame for such a place like Loreley!
There was one possibility left. „The most original“!

Also it should be a bridge which offers even more than only a simple Rhein-River crossing and may don´t cost more than a regular bridge over the Rhine. After some drafts I was successful to get the bridge under a hat: the twin towns, the Rhine crossing, the eye-catcher, the view, the uniquness etc.
Because my works of arts symbolizes heads and everything appears in the heads, I have decided on the basis of an arched bridge, a unique artistic design: the visual continuation of the Loreley Myth.
The bridge symbolizes two faces. The Loreley and the youth of the other riverside (St.Goar).
They meet in the middle under one hat and their hair reaches to both riversides. An observation deck on the top and around the hat give pleasure to the visitors as well as the shops, bars and restaurants inside of the hat. The additional costs for the construction of this bridge could be rediscounted by sales or renting of the commercial space. The idea was first in my head and comes know in yours. I hope the bridge provid you certain amendments, suggestions or excitement.